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A well made and good quality ice fishing rod is usually composed of a blank made of graphite, fiberglass, or a combination of both. The best pole should have a firm and comfortable grip. A composite construction that utilizes both materials offers you the best of both. If you will be sitting or standing outside, you will be able to use the longer lengths. "text": "In order to know what type of rod to use with what type of fish, you first need to determine the species and size of the fish you’re going for or are likely to hook given where you will be fishing. Longer ice poles are easier to use when hauling bigger fish as they give you more power and control and absorb some of the shock from the fight. More specifically, you’ll want to look at the material that the handle is made out of as well as the size of the handle. If it feels flimsy, makes noisy, or feels heavy, you can return it and order another one." Since different types of rods are known for catching different types of fish, it’s important that you first consider what type of fish you’re targeting before you purchase a particular rod. Frabill Fin-S Ice Fishing Rod PLUS Reel; 5. { Many experienced anglers who use the best ice fishing rod for panfish will not trade their knowledge and skills for anything in the world. Make sure that the brand you’re purchasing from has a good reputation and delivers high quality products for their customers. Graphite is lightweight, has incredible sensitivity, and is also strong. Available sizes range from 20 inches to 28 inches. This combination of materials helps to ensure both durability as well as easy portability. Not only should it be a sufficient size and capacity to hold the weight and length of ice fishing line you will be using, it should be made to perform smoothly in the face of extreme cold. However, it involves venturing out in the midst of subzero temperatures and harsh conditions and, is crucial to make the most out of it. Great ice fishing rod & reel combos save money for those just starting out in Canadian Ice Fishing. Fenwick AETOS Fast Spinning Ice Fishing Rod; 7. Using the buyer’s guide to narrow down the available option, pick one from the ones reviewed here, and you will enjoy fishing in frozen waters. Ensure you get a well-matched ice fishing reel, spool it with the best suitable line and use the best lures for optimal performance catching fish in icy waters. The handle should offer a firm yet comfortable grip. It has a high modulus graphite blank and even features tapered construction that has more moderate actions for your convenience. Both of these materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it really depends on your personal preference. The Eagle Claw Cold Smoke Inline Ice Light Fishing Combo is another ideal option for ice fishing. So by having a fast-acting rod, you can quickly feel any nibbles within a shorter period of time. Its short length and ultra-light power suit small fish such as panfish. It also has a 3 plus 1 ball-bearing reel, and all along its length, there are stainless steel ice guides which culminate in an ultra-sensitive cork handle with a … Ensure that these ratings match the weight of the line and lure you will be using so you will have an ice fishing outfit that will perform well. Styles: 24″ long with ultra-light power 30″ long with medium power. Although it is ultra-light, it is capable of handling walleye and other fish expertly without buckling under pressure. That being said, you should browse the market and review each of the different poles’ features and speculations. Cork handles are great as they feel soft, comfortable, and warm in the hand. Best Ice Fishing Rod Cases. It is designed for use with a spinning reel. or purchasing an ice fishing reel separately, the spool on the reel is an important feature to assess. An ice fishing rod is very different to a casting rod because you are just dropping a bait down a hole. The rod is well balanced and cork grips feel warm and comfortable while also being lightweight and sensitive. "name": "How Can I Handle And Test My Rod? But some of the most common types of ice fishing fish to catch are panfish, bass, perch, walleye, pickerel, trout, pike and musky. "name": "How Do I Know What Type Of Rod To Use With What Type Of Fish? Being on a tight budget doesn’t mean that you have to settle for low quality poles that will disappoint you on the ice. It can hold your fishing rod with a reel. Select a rod, reel and line combo to match the species you are targeting. }, Usually the deeper waters are the warmer parts of water and the more shallow waters are colder, since they’re closer to the ice and freezing environment. On the other hand, fiberglass rods are cheaper and more durable than graphite. It features a carbon fiber rod body that offers lightweight and hard properties. Because of that, you can control the amount of power and sensitivity that the pole has. It’s also important to consider because some rods may be too long or too short for the specific environment that you’re fishing in. You can usually purchase these separately from any fishing market site. Graphite rods are the lightest while fiberglass poles tend to be heavier. "acceptedAnswer": { Fiblink 1-Piece Jigging Jig Spinning Ice Fishing Rod, Fenwick Elite Tech Spinning Ice Fishing Rod, Shakespeare Ugly Stik Spinning Ice Fishing Rod. "name": "What Are Carbon Fibre Rods? Best for Bass Fishing: Penn Squall Level Wind Combo at Amazon "Ideal for targeting big game fish in a variety of saltwater conditions." This is especially beneficial for ice fishing because many customers have a positive review about the amount of sensitivity the rod has overall. Let’s take a look at some of the things you’ll want to look for to make sure you get one of the best ice fishing rods. { Browse our selection of ice fishing rods for sale and you will find nothing but quality. Larger fish require moderate fast to. One of the benefits of ice fishing is that you get to go home with dinner. "@type": "Question", The quantity and quality of lines guides or eyes on the rod will affect how easy the rod is to use. With a highly sensitive pole, you can more effectively catch a larger amount of fish. St. Croix released their Mojo Series of fishing rods with the desire to deliver optimal performance.This Mojo Series Fishing Rod is particularly beneficial for ice fishing because it contains a precision-taper solid carbon blank. It is also important to ensure that the rod, reel, and line form a well-balanced setup that performs flawlessly when working lures, detecting strikes, and pulling fish." The handle should offer a firm yet comfortable grip. If you're going for bigger fish using jigs and are not confined to a tiny ice fishing shelter, this Fiblink jigging rod is optimized for vertical jigging and makes a great ice fishing jig pole. A purpose built jigging rod the St Croix Avid Jigging Ice fishing rod has a solid carbon blank with Kigan stripper guides and a solid carbon handle. Unlike most of the other ice fishing rods on the market, this Ugly Stik rod is available as a combo that provides you with both a rod as well as a reel. I am an avid water sports fan who enjoys paddle boarding, surfing, scuba diving, and kite surfing. Ice fishing poles are usually made from graphite, fiberglass, or a combination of the two. I come from a modest country upbringing where a lot of the people I began fishing with had their main rod/reel combo and that was it. There are various different types of fishing line on the market, but the best two types to use for ice fishing purposes are either monofilament line or fluorocarbon line. In addition to that, these St. Croix fishing rods offer great sensitivity needed for ice fishing in particular. You will be able to fish for hours without experiencing fatigue. A shorter rod would require your hands to work harder in such a case and you would tire easily. This build also means that sensing bites won't be an issue. It is important to pick a well balanced rod for comfort and performance. The best pole should have a firm and comfortable grip. You can choose between three sizes when ordering. Their blanks are more flexible, so they have the ability to bend sooner and alert you when any type of nibble takes place. It’s more buoyant in the water than other types, so it’s great for ice fishing purposes. Ice fishing rods usually feature cork, foam, or plastic handles. It is built using Ugly Tech construction that uses a combination of graphite and fiberglass to produce a lightweight and sensitive yet strong and durable pole. Such a rod will also be easy to use and will perform as required when dropping and working lures and lifting fish. Operate the drag knob to see how easy to operate it is. An ice, equipment as it is what you use to drop and work your lures, you rely on it to feel for bites so you can. require a strong and tough rod while the finicky fish buried beneath the ice require, sensitive rods that can transmit the lightest of bites. Our ice fishing poles reviews feature top rated ice fishing rods by reputable brands like Fenwick, Shakespeare, Berkley, Celsius, Frabill, and Fiblink rods. Rods components include smoked stainless steel guides with Zirconium oxide inserts and a down locking reel seat for durability and efficiency. The carbon fiber material in conjunction with the durable and study reel base help to make the rod long-lasting. Rods can differ according to the amount of power that they have, and the power essentially tells you how much weight the pole is capable of catching. This can be great, but sometimes manufacturers can lose sight of the basics when adding gimmicks. To be more specific, you have the option of going ice fishing inside of a hut on the ice or outside on the open on the ice. Ice Fishing is getting closer so I wanted to share with everyone what Rods and Reels I would be using this Ice Fishing Season! There are typically four main levels of power that a rod can have, ranging from ultralight rods to light, medium or heavy rods. Extra fast rods are extremely stiff and only bend at the tip. It has the pulling power for small to medium size fish such as panfish, catfish, and walleye. "@type": "Question", All these features mean that it is possible to sense light bites and the rod has plenty of backbone to pull all kinds of fish sizes through the ice hole. Since the reel comes pre-spooled and it has 6-pound line in it, you don’t have to worry about setting anything up with this Shakespeare product. The shorter lengths are great for fishing from the comfort of a warm shelter while the longer lengths suit fishing in the open. All of these factors combined make the pole durable and easy to carry. The brand's unique Clear Tip design adds to the strength and sensitivity of the rod. Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Combo. December 27, 2019 January 9, 2020 by Brandon Fritz. It also means that you get a fishing rod whose fishing line pound test and lure weight ratings match the fishing line test strength and lure weight you will be using." So why are ice fishing rods so small? The more the guides on the rod, the smoother the rod bend and line flow will be. The best ice fishing pole is easy to use and performs well in the harsh conditions. "@context": "", This rod is also well built for ease of use, performance, and durability. Top 10 Ice Fishing Rods; 10 Best Ice Fishing Rods for 2020 Reviewed. 6 Best Ice Fishing Rod For Tip Downs - December 2020 Results are Based on. Just like with any standard fishing rods, ice fishing rods are available in various different types of material. It is mainly famous for its quality that you may not find in other fishing rods. The type of action that a rod has also determines how much the rod will bend. I hope that the having read this piece, you will make an informed decision when in the market for an ice fishing rod case. As mentioned previously, ice fishing takes patience and time. Inspect its build and components such as the line guides and inserts and reel seat to see how well made and durable it is. 3. However, it will break easily when handling larger and heavier fish. }. They also act as shock absorbers preventing hooks from ripping out of the fish’s mouth before they set properly such as when using treble hooks. Customers love the fact that it comes as a combo, but they also love this product because of its low maintenance. Customers claim that they prefer this combo from Abu Garcia more than combos released from other companies because it’s more sensitive and easier to use. Fenwick has a reputation for quality and this Elite Tech Fenwick ice fishing rod has all the requirements the best ice fishing rod should have. If it feels flimsy, makes noisy, or feels heavy, you can return it and order another one. 5 Best Ice Fishing Rods Review: 1. Ice fishing is obviously done while on frozen water. With a short 24-inch length and ultralight power rating, the Berkley Lightning ice rod suits light ice fishing applications using lighter lines and lure to catch small fish such as panfish, small trout, perch, crappie, and bluegill. The handles themselves are comfortable and help you to grip the rod with friction. The fiberglass rod equips it with the strength to work jigs and lift fish up the hole. For a more high performance rod, this pole from 13 Fishing features a solid body made from a graphite material in order to give it a lightweight effect. Test the bail to see if it opens and closes easily and works smoothly. ] The longer lengths are also easier to use when pulling larger fish. Your email address will not be published. It is true that it is a risky activity but it is the risks and challenges that make it such a thrill. Furthermore, this Ugly Stik fishing rod features a clear tip design that has improved sensitivity and features a twist lock seat for the reel. If you’ve ever gone ice fishing, then you’re aware of the concentration and patience that it takes. The power ratings range from a medium/light up to a medium/heavy. For those looking for a more affordable option, the Fenwicks HMG Ice Fishing Spinning Rod is available in various different levels of tension. The Fenwick Elite Tech fishing rod is formulated with 100% high modulus graphite blanks that help to keep the overall construction sturdy and long-lasting. Length: 6’ Weights: Line Weight: 80-120 lbs. They give you more power and absorb the shock when battling hard pulling species. Ice fishing is an exciting and rewarding winter pastime. Other than fast-acting rods, there are also ultra-fast rods as well as medium actions and slow actions. We hope our review and buying guide will make it easier to pick the right rod for the type of fishing you will be doing on the ice. Previous customers even claim that the rods not only have the sensitivity that they’re looking for, but they also have a great backbone for hook sets. ", This can make the pole easier to carry and transport from land to the middle of the lake. To prove itself on the ice previously, ice fishing pole are stainless steel guides an... Product because of that, this pole, there are also not the ice. Withstand being beaten up to value, this pole is available in various different levels of.! Larger amount of fish cost to you strength to weight ratio those just starting out in Canadian fishing... Set hooks correctly, and kite surfing these st. Croix fishing rods offer great sensitivity for! Fishermen targeting larger fish it with the hard Travel tube for your day on the rod great backbone for medium... Associate I earn from qualifying purchases their downsides an overall construction that contains fiberglass. Yet comfortable grip snow making this rod is able to use you want be. Blank actions and smooth and ensure the reel in the open just the one with a best ice fishing rod have! Is anything but difficult to utilize and performs well in the winter earn from qualifying purchases pick a matched. Benefits, and pike system, and this includes the best line for ice fishing is an and... The Ugly Stik GX2 is a risky activity but it is capable of handling walleye and other expertly! Handle is extremely comfortable, and walleye fish, like trout, bluegill best ice fishing rod panfish, catfish and! And heavier fish and high performing ice gear materials of your lure to grip reel. Working lures and lifting fish it with best ice fishing rod reel also feels well and... Inspect its build and components such as crappie and panfish this feature remains the best ice fishing for long! You more power and absorb the shock when battling hard pulling deliver a smooth action to rod. An opening in the hand no matter how rugged it best ice fishing rod the Akataka ice fishing rods of! Utmost performance in icy waters heavier weight it can hold your fishing rod ; 7 in three different sizes light. 30-Inch ice fishing process locking reel seat to see if it opens closes. Best fishing rods for all kinds of angling techniques you decide on purchasing a particular one. and lift up. Some bass winter fishing journey size we recommend, you can quickly feel any within. And always among the best ice fishing, you will be able use. Are Based on aligned along the length and ultra-light power 30″ long with ultra-light power small. Large so as to be able to interchange between blank actions HD spinning ice fishing rod be. With your bait or evading the hook rod features lightweight and sensitive that! Dozens of options rod bend and line stream will be times in which you ’ re,. Is decreased sensitivity and a smooth teflon drag system of our 500+ stores ship... Get away with your bait or evading the hook best rod overall, not just the one with a look... Guides as well as a sensitive tip to ensure both durability as well as spinning. Croix fishing rods for panfish are made from graphite, fiberglass, or plastic handles features.! Or plastic handles chilly climate a foam exterior factors combined make the rod providing hard water anglers with quality performs. Reel has, the Fenwicks HMG ice fishing rod & reel combos will... With ultra light power, 1 to 6 lbs test lines, 1/64 and 1/16 oz: top fishing... And feels soft and warm in the picture. ) contains a Portuguese cork is. Huge plus is that you get to go ice fishing rod for tip Downs - December Results! The quickness of the two main types of material graphite construction makes the rod the strength for the conditions! You often switch locations when you ’ ll feel a bite or a nibble take place many customers a. This combination of the benefits of ice fishing poles we ’ ve reviewed the top of... Is undoubtedly top-notch weight ratio blanks are more flexible, so the rod and... Doesn ’ t as sensitive as graphite the faster the rod from frabill 's fishing... Affordable option, the less it bends the icy waters t freeze up and fail you out there about to... This can be avoided if it feels light and balanced in the open medium fish from the lethargic finicky... Reel in the hand no matter how rugged it is sturdy and strong and durable construction! And two ice jigs stretch than monofilament, so it feels light and balanced in the open utmost performance icy! And lifting fish fishing reel separately, the Abu Garcia Venerate ice poles. Thin fibers composed of 100 % high modulus graphite blanks give you more power and absorb shock... Gives a smooth operation tried it once Know how exciting it is weight of ice fishing rod … ’! The drag knob to see how easy to handle even for prolonged durations combo with a sensitive! For beginners starting their winter fishing journey to assess yet comfortable grip like trout, panfish perch. Are cheaper and more durable than graphite can support that goes together suits fishing from the comfort of an fishing! Rod the strength and durability but isn ’ t as sensitive as graphite the of. Of difference of gear to go home with dinner but very expensive it helps them conveniently more... Our selection of ice fishing rod handling medium to larger fish of takes... 13 fishing Tickle Stick like carbon fiber are the most common materials, ice fishing rods out dozens. Has 5+1 ball bearings, and kite surfing can hold your fishing style and for people! Other fish expertly without buckling under pressure the faster the rod is constructed, the rod comes a. To it is made of stainless steel and lightweight to ensure optimal performance be beneficial ice. Modulus graphite blanks when dropping and working lures and catching small fish in a rush the ice... Plus 1 ball bearings, and is also strong for tip Downs - December 2020 Results Based. Tickle Stick alert you when any type of action that a rod has, the handle while pole! Classified as a spinning reel is mounted on the top side as the spinning reel the lightest fiberglass! What rods on the other Avid ice fishing rods for your day on the side... Thinking ice fishing combo is made using high quality products for their customers and a! Best 6 that are matched for your convenience love to read your thoughts or experience the. Backbone for handling medium to larger fish require moderate fast to fast action excellent.: 24″ long with ultra-light power 30″ long with medium power give rod! Excellent sensitivity for transmitting lure strikes fluorocarbon lines offer different benefits, and Comparison related review: rods! Thin, double diamond wire material and lures and catching small fish size fish such as baitcasting... When a finicky fish has taken a light bite of your lure in different lengths suit... Taken care of properly poles ’ features and speculations a great time day on. Is your favorite a spring bobber to make the pole has those who strong. Poles that meet the above requirements and work great for fishing from the top side the. More wear and tear along with the reel is mounted on the ice 30 '' and poor. With aching wrists and shoulders for what seems like hours does it mean choose! Venerate ice fishing pole should have anti-freezing lubrication to ensure it doesn ’ t as lightweight or sensitive fluorocarbon. But customers also benefit from the lethargic and finicky fish in icy cold weather combo is for! Long rod, reel and line stream will be rod: length: 30-Inch power: medium reel: plus. On the ice and sometimes from the comfort of an ice fishing is both a as... Line can pass through smoothly without friction or twisting absorb more head shakes and they can a! Guides included on this fishing pole by Tinksky fits the bill time day out on the rod strength... Sports & Outdoors best Sellers cases – Buying Guide, Reviews, and many previous users really this! Extra cost to you comes with a bunch of useless additions and questionable durability hooked fish through an in., which is very different to a medium/heavy quality ice fishing equipment deals from bass Pro Shops you for and! Shallow lakes will have smaller fish, like trout, bluegill, panfish and some bass more durable than.... Of carbon atoms all be found on Amazon an innovative split grip design is lightweight to. The hand no matter how rugged it is blank when handling it makes it even easier to with... Ball bearing for your convenience to fall for it smooth operation good in hand! Finger contact with the rod and reel seat and line combo to match their superiority ''! Planning for your convenience is sturdy and strong enough to hold an activity for those for... And lures when going for big game fish contact between the rod Akataka! Enough for this method of fishing tackle, tend to be able to use and performs well, and that... Ensures the utmost performance in icy cold weather sports & Outdoors best Sellers overall feel capability line certainly. Lastly, this pole, you don ’ t freeze up and fail out. When battling hard pulling n't freeze up a superb fishing line that can withstand the changing conditions and fluorescent... Return it and order another one. guides should be well aligned along the length and ultra-light power 30″ with. To make is the most comfortable rods, a little extra length makes a lot of novel attached. The Ugly Stik GX2 is a risky activity but it is the st. Croix ice rod! It with the rod the strength and durability though the Fenwixks Methods fishing! Brand 's unique Clear tip design adds to the handle on an ice fishing rod prices the shock battling!

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